Student Resources

All counseling services are offered to fee-paying students who are enrolled for at least six credit-bearing hours at UK, in undergraduate, graduate or professional programs. Masters and Doctoral candidates in thesis/dissertation status are eligible for services, as are advanced graduate students enrolled in either zero credit hour status or the two-hour residency course (767). During the summer, students must meet one of two criteria: fee-paying students enrolled in at least 6 credit-bearing hours the prior spring semester and the upcoming fall semester; or fee-paying students enrolled for at least one credit-bearing hour during either summer session.

We have recently changed our attendance policy in order to best utilize our clinical appointment slots and meet student demand for services. If a student does not attend an individual appointment (including an initial intake) and failed to cancel it by 4 pm of the prior business day, it will be counted as a no-show. When a person reaches 3 no-shows, he or she will be no longer eligible for ongoing individual services at the Counseling Center and may be offered other alternatives such as drop-in workshops and community referrals.



Our records are separate from all other university records. We do not reveal any information about anyone using our services unless that person gives us written permission to do so or unless required by law.

Sometimes it is in a client's best interest for information to be shared with a third party. If you would like for the Counseling Center to share information with specific individuals or offices, the release form (Form is a PDF document.) may be completed, signed, and hand-delivered, faxed to (859) 257-3319, or mailed to the Counseling Center at 635 S. Limestone, 104 Mandrell Hall, Lexington, KY 40508-0651. If this form is faxed or mailed, we may require independent verification from the client that this release is authentic and should be acted upon. Please note if the release should come to the attention of a specific counselor.

For additional information about eligibility, confidentiality, and our Center's general service policy, please click here for our Counseling Center Service Policy (Form is a PDF document).


Our Location

We are on the first floor of Mandrell Hall.  Mandrell Hall is located at 635 S. Limestone. Find us on the campus map.