Professor Douglas's Suggested Changes to Proposed Kentucky Voter ID Bill

Here is a quick link to Professor Douglas's memo to the Kentucky legislature.

On February 20, 2020, Professor Douglas testified before the Kentucky House Committee on Elections, Constitutional Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs about SB 2, the proposed bill to require voters in Kentucky to show a photo identification to vote. Find his testimony here

During that testimony, legislators asked him to provide, in writing, his proposed amendments to the bill, as well as summaries of important cases and studies on the topic. 

Professor Douglas authored a memo to the legislature.

Find that memo here

Here is a summary of the five changes he is suggesting to the bill as passed by the House Committee on Elections:

1. Delete Section 1(4) on page 3 (This provision states that “The affirmation executed under this section shall be processed in same manner as an oath of voter affidavit as prescribed by Section 17 of this Act.”)

2. Section 1(1)(8)(b) (page 2): Change “inability to financially afford” a birth certificate or other documentation to “lack of birth certificate” or other documentation in the reasonable impediment provision (and related sections for absentee voters)

3. New Section 1(1)(8)(i) (page 2): Add a catch-all to the reasonable impediment provision

4. New Section 1(2)(f) (page 3): Allow for personal recognizance as a “non-photo ID” that would allow a voter to use the reasonable impediment provision

5. New Section 38: delay implementation to 2021