Welcome to the UK College of Law’s Election Law Society

by: Joshua A. Douglas, Professor of Law

Welcome to the UK College of Law's election law blog, which will chronicle and discuss significant election law issues in Kentucky and across the nation!

The effort stems from a collaboration between the Election Law Society, a student group dedicated to exploring the role of law in politics, and myself, a scholar and teacher of election law.

Students will write the initial draft of most of the posts for this site.  The students’ bylines will appear at the top of the post they have drafted, but they are not representing themselves to be practicing lawyers. 

We are excited about this initiative, which we hope will bring election law to life for the general public and the media.  Election law issues affect our voting processes in significant ways.  

We will be here to chronicle it all.  In particular, on Election Night we will provide running commentary on any significant election law issues that arise during the vote counting and casting process.  Our analysis will be objective and non-partisan.  We are happy to have you along for the ride!