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Community Sweep

We believe one of the first steps in forming any sustainable community partnership is in building a relationship. Our “community sweep” efforts were created to do just that! Throughout the year, our staff goes on site visits to non-profits, schools and neighborhood associations to learn about their mission, vision, goals and opportunities for University partnerships. These visits give us an opportunity to get to know these groups and their leadership personally in order to more effectively speak on their behalf when we are back on campus. Similarly, we meet with University students, faculty and staff to learn about their specific desires for community partnerships.

Below is an example of a community partnership established through this effort:

The Legacy Home Project

The Legacy Home Ministry is an innovative response to meeting the needs of women as they grow old. The Legacy Home will be a safe, affordable home for 5 women of low wealth.  Through cooperative efforts, women will be living together by sharing space and resources so that each woman may age in community with the support of one another.

Rev. Esther Hurlburt

Legacy Home, Director


While still under development, the Office of Community Engagement brought together UK leadership from the College of Social Work, the Gerontology Program and the Landscape Architecture department to meet with Esther to learn about the home and the opportunities for partnership. Once relationships were built and the needs were understood, our University partners and Rev. Hurlburt were able to come up with creative ways to use the learning needs of the students to come up with a mutually beneficial way to support this effort.


The following are ways the each are currently working with the Legacy Home Ministry to support its sustainability in a meaningful way:

  • The UK Graduate Program in Gerontology is pending approval from UK’s Institutional Review Board to work on a major research study with the home.
  • A UK Landscape Architecture faculty member and graduate student in the Gerontology Program helped to design and build the home’s outside garden.
  • A Landscape Architecture class designed an outside ramp for the home.
  • The UK Gerontology Program will help with screening and interviewing new residents.



Community Engagement