Campus Physical Plant Division

Patterson Office Tower
Anderson Hall
White Hall Classroom Building
White Hall Classroom Building
Patterson Office Tower
Anderson Building
Anderson Building
Taylor Building
Peterson Building


Message from the Director:

Service is the most important product of the Physical Plant Division. The Physical Plant serves students, faculty, and staff by maintaining the campus buildings and grounds. Our skilled craftspeople, mechanics, and maintenance employees maintain our facilities, repair equipment, maintain the beauty of our lawns and shrubbery, clean facilities and provide heating, cooling and electrical power. The mission of PPD is to provide support services for instructional, research, and public service functions of the University of Kentucky. Support services include maintenance and operation of facilities and grounds, utilities, minor renovations, and other related services. Our goal is to provide the UK community with the best possible service in a comfortable, functional and safe environment. This website outlines PPD's functions and procedures. It is designed to provide helpful information to you. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome as we plan ahead for more and better ways to serve you -- our customer.