The FIS team develops and maintains university geospatial datasets and products that support University systems and Facilities Management operations. They are responsible for ensuring the 

UK base map, Floor Plans, Building List, and other critical datasets are maintained.  

In addition to designing maps and drawing floor plans, they manage the Facilities Library, develop reports, dashboards, project management tools, and data-related solutions for University-wide customers.


Geospatial Services


Enterprise Datasets

• Basemap
• Pervious/Impervious
• Property Ownership
• Exterior Routing
• Floor Plans
• eFacTS Building List
• eFacTS Bldg Plans
• Indoor Wayfinding

Map Products

• Customer Use Products
• WebApps
• Data collection set-up and support
• Printable Maps
• Interactive Maps
• BEAP/Evacuation Plans
• Floor Plans


Data Visualization


Data Visualization & Project Management

• Dashboards
• Metrics
• Design Concepts
• Brochures
• Illustrations for Standards
• Proposal Documents
• Project Management Solutions



Information Coordination


Information Coordination

• Addressing
• Property Updates
• Room Numbering
• Building / Space Updates
• Reports
• TQM (Workflows/Processes)



Technology Progress


Technology Progress

• ESRI Products
• Autodesk Products
• Data Connection Methods
• Microsoft Suite



Facilities Library


Central repository for the documents created during construction:


Facilities Library

• Physical and Digital Access
• Processing for Digital Access
• Digital Assistance
• Document Search/Delivery