Gaines Fellowship Application

The Gaines Fellowship Application is now OPEN. 

Please click the link below to access the online application. 

Gaines Fellowship Application 2020-2021


Note: You will need the following materials before completing the application: 

  • An updated resume or CV
  • The names and emails of TWO recommendation providers 
  • An unofficial transcript (this can be downloaded on your My UK portal) 
  • An answer of no more than 800 words to one of the following essay prompts: 
  1. Humanities are often described as a kind of "luxury"--something to be studied for one's own personal enjoyment rather than something that can contribute to the public good. What could a mandatory study of art, theatre, literature and the like do for us as citizens?
  2. Higher education has undergone dramatic shifts recently, most notably in expanded recruiting efforts and growing physical infrastructure (new dorms, stadiums, etc.). How do you feel these shifts have affected the generation of college students we now label as "emerging adults?" What do you believe your role is as a student pursuing higher education?  
  3. COVID-19, climate change, and systemic racism have become almost-daily headlines in news outlets worldwide. What do you think the humanities, or higher education in general can do to begin to address these growing concerns? You may focus on only one, or all of the issues outlined in your response.