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Addressing the Issue

How can I address hazing activities within my fraternity or sorority?

To effectively address hazing in your organization, you must:

  1. Make your members aware. Share information about hazing within your organization and refer students, faculty and staff to this web site.  Also, be sure to refer members to your national organization (if applicable) or other affiliated group (e.g., NCAA, FIPG risk management policies, NIC, etc.) that has a position statement on hazing.
  2. Educate your members. Teach your members that there are alternatives to hazing. Take advantage of your advisor and other faculty/staff at UK to discuss the issue of hazing within your organization.  Discuss and explore hazing issues and your organization’s current rituals and traditions at your annual/semester organization retreats.
  3. Detect violations by your members. Be alert for activities and comments of your members that may indicate hazing; don t look the other way.  At the University of Kentucky, community members have the responsibility to address the issue of hazing with each other.  If a member of your group jokes about hazing – address it.  This is an opportunity to proactively address this important issue, before someone you care about gets hurt and the issue needs to be addressed by the police and/or university.
  4. Take corrective actions. When you discover members who are hazing, hold them accountable for their behavior within your organization, and report them to the Office of of Student Conduct.

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