International Student Concerns Committee

The purpose of the International Student Conccerns (ISC) Committee is to monitor and address the concerns of international graduate and professional students and postdocs at the University of Kentucky. The ISC Committee works with other Committees in the GSC and organizations around campus (e.g., UK International Center) to find new alternatives to empower international graduate students. 

The ISC does this by:

  • Listening to the concerns of international graduate students
  • Helping international students through their graduate studies
  • Informing domestic people about the importance of international graduate students
  • Promoting cross-cultural experiences to create a collaborative environment
  • Communicating any relevant information for international graduate studies
  • Finding new alternatives to empower international graduate students

Everyone is welcome! If you would like to join the committee, please contact the Committee Chair, Kia Markussen ( or the GSC Chief of Staff, Sam Glick (

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. We are here to help!


Meet the Team


Kia Markussen


Program: Ph.D. Student in the Dept. of Molecular & Cellular

Home Country: Denmark



Anjanna Subramoniam


Program: Ph.D. Student in the Dept. of Biology

Home Country:



Angela Garner

Graduate School Liaison

Position: Coordinator of International Graduate Student Initiatives


Meet the Advocates



Duration of Status - Town Hall Forum PowerPoint (10/22/2020)

Zoom Recording of Winter Plans Workshop (11/24/2020)