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Professional Development and Networking Committee

Graduate students here at the University of Kentucky have an amazing system within their area of study that they can utilize to obtain the technical skills and the knowledge they need for whichever career path they intend to pursue. These skills, however useful they may be, cannot guarantee success alone. These skills need to be complemented with soft skills like time management, leadership, teamwork, communication, public engagement, and many others.  

The Professional Development and Networking Committee (PDNC) is responsible for organizing events that foster graduate student enhancement by developing the soft skills that are translatable to most career options and by creating networking opportunities with fellow graduate students and with other professionals.

Some events that the PDNC is responsible for, yet not limited to, are as follows:

  • Ice Cream Social​
  • UK GradResearch Live!​
  • S’mores Social​
  • Future Graduate Student Leaders Conference​
  • Life After Grad School Conference​
  • Graduate Student Appreciation Week​
  • Graduate Student Gala

For further information, please consult the relevant by-law.