Lewis Honors Speaker Series with Derek Anderson

Thursday, March 24, 2022 - 4:00pm
Scholars Lounge

Talk Title: Don’t Run Out Of Breath Before You Win

Register: https://uky.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_246uP2fgUuum7aK

Speaker Bio: 

Derek L. Anderson, Sr. was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1973. Abandoned by his parents at the age of 10, he would find himself sleeping in empty apartment buildings, old school buses, and even his high school gymnasium. He would become a single parent at age 15, worked two jobs, but stayed focused enough to graduate with a 3.7 GPA as class president.  Anderson believed that living in poverty was just a mindset and even at a young age he believed that winning was a choice, as well as losing. He would earn a full basketball scholarship to The Ohio State University and then transfer to the University of Kentucky, where he helped win an NCAA Championship in 1996. The next year, Anderson was drafted as the 13th pick in the 1997 NBA draft and became the 1st player signed to the Michael Jordan Brand, and was given his own signature shoe. With his first check from the NBA, he started his own company, DA Enterprises, and then established The Derek Anderson Foundation in 1998. The Foundation supplies resources for abused and battered women and children who are without guidance, and reintroduces young men into the workforce. In 2015, Anderson founded the Stamina foundation. The mission of the Stamina Foundation is to empower youth and young adults with the resources and life skills they need to follow their dreams. In 2006, Anderson won a World Title with the Miami Heat, earning himself a spot on the shortlist of players to win both NCAA and NBA championships. After an 11-year NBA career, he retired in 2008.  After retirement, he expanded his business and opened two hotels in Turks & Caicos, his own film studio, Loyalty Media Group, and began writing books and screenplays. In 2010, Anderson produced and directed the documentary "The Untouchables of Kentucky." In 2020, Anderson returned to UK to complete his degree in liberal studies. After being estranged from his parents for more than 24 years, Anderson went to find them both. After finding his father, he lost him 10 months later to a battle with cancer. That same year, he found his mother, who was suffering from addiction. He assisted her in her recovery, and years later, they finally had their first Christmas dinner together in over 28 years. These life events inspired him to write his autobiography and screenplay entitled, “Stamina.” Anderson travels the world domestically and abroad sharing life lessons on how to stay on the right path while walking on a rough road. His message is to "Never Allow Someone's Opinion of You to Become Your Reality."


For more information about Anderson: http://derekandersonworks.com