Center for Personal Development

Mission: The Center for Personal Development partners with students in their exploration of purpose to cultivate self-awareness, wellbeing, and career readiness. ​

Each Lewis Honors College student is paired with a personal development counselor to form a collaborative partnership as you explore your purpose and build personal resiliency. Services are provided through individual sessions and college-wide programs. 

Living the Lewis Life means going all in. In addition to prioritizing your academic pursuits, you open yourself up to self-reflection and explore your values, mission, and purpose. You take advantage of learning more about the world and your place in it. The honors curriculum is rigorous and intellectually challenging, opening many doors for your future. You must be ready to walk through those doors as a confident, healthy, and well-rounded individual. 

The Center for Personal Development is dedicated to supporting you through a holistic approach as you realize your potential. Our Playbook for Success outlines the services and programs provided by the center team (in conjunction with various campus and external partners). The “plays” outlined here are suggested strategies and tools to make use of throughout your college career. With the support of your designated personal development counselor, you will clarify your goals, identify barriers, and develop a game plan for success.