Graduate-Level Courses

Honors students are able to count a graduate course for Honors course credit by completing the graduate student course criteria as identified by the syllabus.  To earn Honors credit, courses that are considered graduate-level must meet the conditions outlined below, and the student must earn a grade of at least a B.  Additionally, students must request approval for a graduate-level course to count for Honors by the end of the second week of the participating semester.  Approval is not automatic, and retro-active approval cannot be granted. 

Approval Process For Courses Numbered 500-Level or 400-Level With G suffix:

  1. The course syllabus must identify additional projects/papers/assignments/tests that graduate students are required to complete beyond what undergrads in the course are required to complete.  A grading structure difference alone is not sufficient for approval.
  2. After determining that there are additional requirements for graduate students, contact the professor and seek approval to be held to the graduate student course criteria and be graded as a graduate student.
  3. After speaking with your professor, complete the Graduate-Level work proposal in the Honors Canvas page
  4. Syllabus and professor acknowledgement must be submitted to your Honors advisor, via Canvas, by the end of week 2 of the participating semester.

Approval Process For Courses Numbered 600-Level or Above:

Provide a copy of the syllabus to your advisor.  A 600-level or above course is a graduate-level course.  An exception will be processed allowing this course to count for Honors.

Courses numbered 600-level and above are graduate-level courses.  500-level courses and 400-level G suffix courses allow the professor to teach the course to both undergraduate and graduate students. Courses taught at the 500-level or 400-level courses with a G suffix can count towards Honors course requirements, provided that the student completes the graduate-level work assigned in the course, as defined by the syllabus. The syllabus must indicate that there are additional requirements (assignments/papers/projects) for graduate students, and the Honors student must complete the graduate student course requirements with the professor’s prior approval and oversight.