UK-HMO is improving the availability of primary care appointments – starting with UK-HMO adult members who do not have a primary care provider. 
Recently, we extended our contract with Concentra, the organization that currently provides urgent care services for UK-HMO members. Beginning Jan. 15, 2017, Concentra will also provide members age 18 and older with primary care services in the following Concentra care centers:

1055 Dove Run, 859-269-4668
2424 Sir Barton Way, Suite 175, 859-233-4882
1498 Boardwalk, 859-254-5520

204 Bellaire Drive, 859-887-4882

UK-HMO members who do not currently have a primary care provider will be able to choose a Concentra primary care provider. To qualify for this option, you must be a UK-HMO member who does not currently have a primary care provider.
Members who qualify to choose a Concentra provider for primary care must call to schedule appointments during weekday business hours – as is usual with primary care visits. Concentra’s regular primary care hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • UK-HMO members who are sick and qualify to be seen at a Concentra clinic (what we call a non-elective visit) could be seen by any provider within their group.
  • Concentra primary care patients do not need to schedule weekend visits – these will be walk-in visits.
  • When seeking care on weekends or evenings, established Concentra primary care patients will be treated as such – charged a $10 (primary care) co-pay as opposed to $25 (urgent care) co-pay.
  • Concentra will provide basic X-ray and lab services as part of their primary care service.

Any X-ray or lab services Concentra cannot provide must be obtained at a UK HealthCare radiology or lab facility. For UK Lab locations, visit For UK Radiology locations, please follow the instructions provided to you by the scheduling provider.

UK-HMO has made this arrangement with Concentra to provide immediate support to our members who are finding it difficult to get a primary care appointment within a reasonable amount of time. At some point in the future, we hope to transition back to UK HealthCare as our sole provider of primary care services as they continue to increase their ability to accommodate primary care patients.
UK-HMO members who already have a primary care provider will continue to see that UK provider. You have a primary care provider if you have been seen in one of these clinics within the past three years:

  • UK Family & Community Medicine, UK HealthCare @ Turfland
  • UK General Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine Group), University Health Service Building
  • Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health, Kentucky Clinic

UK-HMO members who have a UK primary care provider but require urgent care on evenings and weekends will continue to have access to Concentra for urgent care as needed. Your urgent care visits will require a $25 co-pay. We encourage you to seek a sick-visit appointment from your UK primary care provider if possible. Many of UK HealthCare’s primary care clinics hold time within their daily schedules for patients who need to be seen urgently.
For UK-HMO members who have a UK primary care provider, rest assured that UK HealthCare is working aggressively to recruit primary care providers, expand clinic space and hours, and improve the availability of primary care to UK-HMO plan members.
To all of our UK-HMO family, we appreciate your selection of the UK-HMO plan and the feedback you have provided as to how we might improve the plan and better serve your health care needs. We are excited to offer this enhancement to your primary care options as of Jan. 15. If you have questions about this new primary care option or your UK-HMO coverage, please call 859-257-8251 or visit