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UK offers the Medicare Advantage plan for retirees age 65 and over. The Medicare Advantage plan, administered by UnitedHealthcare, features a different "plan year" from other UK health insurance plans. Your Medicare Advantage plan begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. 

You will receive a letter with any changes for the plan each November before enrollment begins.

If you are enrolled in other UK health insurance plans, you should enroll for Medicare Part B and the Medicare Advantage plan  at least 30 days prior to your 65th birthday. This coverage will automatically renew each year. To get a copy of the Medicare Advantage enrollment form, call 859-257-9519, option 3.

You should only present your UK Medicare Advantage card for health coverage. For Medicare Parts A and B, you receive a card when you become eligible for Medicare. You will not receive a new card each year.

2019 rates

Coverage Level

Monthly cost*

UK credit

Employee pays

Retireee only (eligible for credit)




Retiree + spouse (eligible for credit)




Retiree or spouse (not eligible for credit)




Surviving spouse (eligible for credit)




Retiree + spouse (not eligible for credit)




Find a doctor

UnitedHealthcare provides a Find a Doctor tool to show which providers in your area accept your insurance plan.

Full coverage information

Get complete information about the UK Medicare Advantage plan.


UK Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits

Benefits for Covered Services Provided at Participating Providers

Out-of-Pocket Amount

Annual deductible

$185 per member

Medical out-of-pocket maximum

$3,000 per member, $6,000 per family

Prescription out-of-pocket maximum

$4,350 per member; $8,700 per family

Preventive Care

Routine mammogram and Pap smears, PSA screening, colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy


Routine child care and immunizations (through age 18)

Routine adult physical exam (19 years and above, one per plan year)

Physician Services

Routine outpatient laboratory tests and X-rays

96% after deductible

Office visits (excludes certain diagnostic lab tests and X-ray)

Lab tests and X-rays

Allergy injections

Inpatient services

Outpatient surgery and diagnostic tests

Hospital Services

Inpatient care (semi-private room and board, nursing care, ICU)

Physician visits to emergency room

Outpatient surgery

Outpatient tests, lab and X-ray

Ancillary services

Organ transplants

96% after deductible

Other Medical Services

Emergency room

$100 co-pay (waived if admitted within 24 hours for same condition)

Urgent care

$65 co-pay (waived if admitted within 24 hours for same condition)

Home health care and hospice services


Skilled nursing facility (up to 100 days per plan year)

96% after deductible

Ambulance services

Durable medical equipment

Physical, speech, hydrotherapy, occupational and acupuncture therapy (limited to 45 visits per plan year, combined)

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Inpatient mental health or substance abuse

96% after deductible

Outpatient mental health or substance abuse

Retiree enrollment form

2020-21 Retiree insurance rates (under age 65)

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