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The Unretirement Strategy: Planning a New Career After 50

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What will you do if you find you have ten, fifteen, or even twenty healthy years to live after you retire from your current job and career? Looking at the rising life expectancies of Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers, it is very likely you will! Are you interested in planning a new act? For multiple reasons, many people want or will need to continue working after the traditional retirement age, but they are ready and longing for a new direction. This workshop will help you explore options to begin preparing now for a smooth transition to your encore career(s).

This workshop will:

 1.  Share research and statistics on how professionals are approaching work in the 10-20 additional years they will likely have after a traditional retirement age.
 2.  Present practical strategies for actions to take now, before retirement, to begin planning your transition to working in a new career.
 3. Feature spotlights of people who have successfully changed their career direction after age 50, 60, and beyond.

This interactive workshop, offered via Zoom, is for you if you are a member of the Gen X or Baby Boomer cohort and are curious about discovering a new direction after your traditional retirement.

Workshop facilitators Caroline Francis, Ed.S., CCC, BCC, Director of UK Alumni Career Services and Diane Kohler, M.A., CCMC, former Manager of UK Human Resources Staff Career Development have over 60 years of combined experience working with clients of all ages and in all stages of career transition. This is one of their favorite annual workshops to research and present.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

12:00pm - 1:00pm