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Enterprise Learning

Enterprise Learning opened in August 1998 with a vision of providing a contemporary and aesthetically pleasing environment where UK HealthCare employees can engage in educational activities which lead to overall improvement in the employees' job knowledge and performance. We recognize the most important component of a successful organization is a competent and dedicated staff. Investment in the growth of individuals ultimately improves the quality of services UK HealthCare delivers.

The Learning Center, located on the ground floor of Pavilion H, is comprised of classroom space, computer labs, a conference room and learning resources.

Enterprise Learning positively influences all UK HealthCare faculty, staff and students, by ensuring our workforce is thoroughly prepared to fulfill the mission and vision of UK HealthCare.

UK HealthCare: Request your training transcript

Request a transcript of all your completed UK HealthCare training courses prior to August 1, 2018.

Course Information

Information about our current professional development and customer service course listings.

Orientation Information

All new UK HealthCare employees must attend UK HealthCare New Employee Orientation (UKHC NEO). All regular employees must also attend UK New Employee Orientation (UK NEO).

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about enterprise learning.