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All employees in a regular position with an assignment of 0.75 FTE or greater automatically receive life insurance coverage equal to one times your salary at no cost. If your salary is more than $50,000, you will pay tax on the premiums UK pays toward the cost of any amount higher than $50,000. You may lower your coverage level to $50,000 to avoid any additional taxes.

(Note: Life insurance is reduced to 50 percent of salary for employees hired on or after July 1, 2017, who are age 65 and older and 35 percent for employees hired who are age 70 and older).

Employees may also purchase optional life insurance, up to eight times their annual salary.
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Your age Monthly cost per $1,000 of coverage
Up to age 34 8 cents
35-39 9 cents
40-44 10 cents
45-49 15 cents
50-54 25 cents
55-59 43 cents
60-64 69 cents
65-69 $1.27
70+ $2.22

The need for life insurance varies greatly depending on your age, number of dependents, their ages and your financial situation. These questions may help you decide how much additional life insurance you should purchase:

  • How much will my funeral and burial expenses be?
  • How much would my family need to pay for outstanding debt?
  • How many years of my income do I need to replace?
  • How much annual income will my survivors need?
  • Do I have children who may go to college?
  • Are there any one-time expenses I want to fund (wedding, home repairs, etc.)?
  • How much money do I have available in investments outside of retirement accounts?

Aetna is the new administrator for our life insurance plans. As part of their life insurance coverage, Aetna provides additional benefits, including to those who have only the coverage provided by UK. Those benefits include:

  • Guidance from financial advisers
  • Legal services, including living and basic wills, health care directives, and power of attorney
  • Emotional support services, such as grief counseling
  • Funeral planning services
  • Discounts on wellness products and services, including gym memberships, fitness and nutrition products, hearing aids, and others

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Spouse and child life insurance

In addition to life insurance for employees, we offer various levels of life insurance for children and spouses.

Monthly costs for the various levels of coverage for spouse and child life insurance is below:

Coverage $10,000 $15,000 $20,000 $25,000 $30,000
Spouse $1.72 $2.58 $3.44 $4.30 $5.16
Child $1.32 $1.98 $2.64 $3.30 $3.96


Filing a life insurance claim

Call Aetna as soon as possible at 1-800-523-5065, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern. Aetna will determine what benefits may be available. You might also need these documents:

  • A funeral home or cemetery assignment* – This is the form that allows us to pay the funeral home or cemetery directly
  • Death certificate – Get a copy of the certified documents listing the cause and manner of death
  • Police, coroner, autopsy, and laboratory reports, newspaper articles, and medical records – You might need these if the death was accident-related.
  • If the beneficiary is a minor – You must present the minor’s birth certificate and/or court orders pertaining to that minor as defined by your state law. 

*Most funeral homes/cemeteries have this form. Only a non-minor beneficiary can sign it.

Life insurance information for employees hired before July 1, 2017

Life insurance information for employees hired on or after July 1, 2017


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