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Professional Development courses are offered to all UK employees on an open enrollment basis. Competency-based courses are designed to meet the University's goal to develop and retain excellent staffing. Our courses provide all University employees the opportunity to strengthen job performance, build leadership capabilities, and foster personal and professional growth throughout their tenure at the University.

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Communicating Across Cultures When faced by an interaction that we do not understand, people tend to interpret the others involved as "abnormal", "weird", or "wrong".
Communicating With Success During this workshop, we will explore basic communication issues.
Personality Differences As long as you live you will have at least some unwelcome and unproductive friction with others.
Presenting Effectively Designed for the professional who is occasionally (or frequently!) required to make presentations, this intense, practice-focused workshop extends over two sessions.
Presenting Effectively - Day 1 Day 1 of a 2 day class. Designed for the professional who is occasionally (or frequently!) required to make presentations, this intense, practice-focused workshop extends over two sessions.
Presenting Effectively - Day 2 This is day 2 of a 2 day class. Participation in Day 1 is required to attend day 2.
Principles of Effective Writing Many of us are profoundly insecure about our ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Creative Problem-Solving

From Deciding to Doing Most of us make hundreds of decisions every day.
Goal Setting 101 Getting the most out of our life by being successful in accomplishing our goals--personally and professionally--can seem like a daunting task.
Group Problem Solving You and your co-workers encounter a range of range of problems at work.
Liberating Structures In this workshop, you will learn how to choose, facilitate, and sequence Liberating Structures for your individual needs and contexts.
Perceptions: Is Seeing Believing? Can we trust what we see? How can we make sense out of what the senses send to the brain? We will discuss how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how our perceptions shift over time.
Thinking Critically Reasoning is the process of examining data (facts, information, evidence, observations, and experiences) and drawing inferences, judgments, and conclusions from the data.
Train the Trainer During this 2 hour seminar, you will learn how to conduct structured, systematic, on-the-job training.
Turning Around the Worst Performers During this seminar, you will learn to isolate the behaviors, address each behavior specifically, and prioritize by addressing the most disruptive behaviors first.
Using Time Wisely Many of us feel that despite our best intentions that the workday is over and we have not finished a single item on our to-do list! During this seminar, we will discuss how to become more productive and more satisfied with our efforts.

Interpersonal Skills

Being Professional with Coworkers and Customers This workshop will help you learn to deal with all of the different types of personalities in the workplace.
Building a Climate of Trust This workshop is intended for those who lead others (supervisors, managers, etc.)
Building Professional Relationships Developing Professional Relationships is about presenting yourself in a way that shows you keep an open mind and maintain open and honest communication, and that you stick to your convictions as diplomatically as possible.
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 special request
FISH! In this dynamic workshop, positive attitude, customer focus, and loads of fun combine to transform the workplace.
Handling Anger in the Workplace Handling negative emotions in the workplace is one of the greatest challenges management and employees face today.
Prof Workplace: Letting Your Light Shine This workshop relates how positive attitude, appearance, communication, respect and courtesy, and a dedicated work ethic carry over from one profession, department, or unit to another.
Understanding DISC This workshop helps participants understand what the DISC is and is not, what the behavior styles mean, and how individual can use their awareness to better communicate, manage and solve conflicts.


Apollo 13: A Case Study in Leadership In April 1970, Apollo 13 made its ill-fated mission to the Moon. During this seminar, we will study the mission events in view of the leadership and problem solving skills demonstrated
Basics of Leadership What is a leader? Can you become the leader you envision? During this workshop, we will address the issue of becoming the best leader each of us can be.
Best Practices in Project Management This course provides a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of project management, and an introduction of best practices that can be used in all endeavors by all people across all industries.
Coaching Your Front-Line Staff To meet today's demands with today's workforce requires a new set of coaching skills.
Experienced Leader Academy Based on the books of John C. Maxwell, this leadership series is designed to encourage and support experienced managers to continue to maximize their leadership potential.
Leading Effective Teams Successful leaders rely on their work groups to create success.
Leading From a Distance Where is the virtual workplace? It is not a single designated location but anywhere that people can and do work.
Leading Your Service Providers In the world of customer service delivery, your staff is critical.
Make the Transition from Peer to Leader One of the most difficult adjustments most of us face comes when we are promoted to supervise the group in which we recently worked.
Motivating for Top Performance Being able to motivate others is seen as a gift -- either you have it or you don't.
What to Do About Bad Attitude Behaviors Employees with bad attitudes are in total control of both their perceptions and their actions.


Business Etiquette Business etiquette is about presenting yourself in a way that shows you keep an open mind and maintain open and honest communication, and that you stick to your convictions as diplomatically as possible.
Developing a Winning Image How important is your professional image? Will you be considered a serious contender for high-visibility, high-potential opportunities if your professional image is lackluster?
Email Etiquette Email is the main form of communication in the workplace. How well does your email represent you and your organization? Is it clear, concise and professional?

Resolving Conflict

Managing Staff Conflict As a leader, you doubtless encounter conflict among your front line staff members.
Resolving Workplace Conflict This course focuses on resolving various workplace situations where disagreements or conflicts arise between team mates.


CSI: Small Town Kentucky In this lively session, groups will work together to solve a problem: Who killed Coach?
Meet Productively Why are meetings so despised? Face-to-face collaboration with your teams is invaluable to productivity and guaranteeing expected outcomes.
Meeting Focus Meetings have a bad reputation-mostly because they are often conducted so poorly! Effective meetings build communication and enhance productivity.
Teamwork in a Changing Workplace During this workshop we will explore just why working together as a team is so important to the success of the University as well as your personal success.

Customer Service

Dealing with Difficult Customers Occasional angry or challenging customers can frustrate even the best customer service system.
Providing Exceptional Customer Service One of the most important and challenging objectives in any business today is to provide services that consistently meet (and exceed) customer expectations.

Facilitating Change

Facing the Challenge of Change Change is something that we face and have to face up to everyday! Through this workshop, participants will be able to:</p> <ul> <li>Interpret the dynamics of the change process.
Moving Forward After Change We are all being confronted with unwanted, stressful change.


Basics of Diversity In order to understand diversity, it is important to understand how individuals are different.
Generations in the Workplace Generations in the Workplace is a half-day workshop that describes the characteristics, values, and motivations of the four generations in the workplace.