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Connect with a certified health coach

Certified health coaches will meet you where you are to help you thrive and experience less overwhelm.

BeWell services and programs are exclusively available to UK employees, retirees, spouses and sponsored dependents.

Consult with a certified health coach

Ready for a change but not quite sure what that looks like yet? During this single-session appointment, a certified health coach will help you gain clarity around a change you want to make but are unclear on how to get started.

Health coaching

Through ongoing sessions (usually 4-8 appointments), a certified health coach will help you develop and apply tools you need to live a more positive, resilient life.

Bend, Don't Break

Gain an understanding of several research-based techniques and tools to help you thrive. Plus, develop a personal plan for putting these tips into practice.

Tobacco cessation coaching

Quit tobacco for good with the help of personalized coaching (and free NRT) to re-connect you with your own inner resources for stress relief.

KORU Mindfulness training

Want to reduce of stress and anxiety while also increasing your sleep and self-compassion? Koru is a four-week, evidence-based program that will help you learn specific skills to help calm and focus your mind.