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Consult with our exercise specialists

We are here for you and your continued fitness goals.



Consult with a fitness specialist

Interested in becoming more physically active, but need a few pointers on getting started in way that works for you? Whether you're a MoveWell member or not, we can help for free!

Fitness centers

Go to one or both locations, Seaton Center or 1020 Export Street. At either location, you'll enjoy a variety of options for your workout including cardio equipment, strength training circuits, and free weights. Plus, benefit from on-site staff expertise!

Group fitness classes

Whether you want to focus on the mind-body connection, tone muscles or get your heart rate up, we offer a variety of online classes: yoga, bootcamp, yoga, and more. Membership is required to be added to any class roster.

Training session

Get a clear workout plan and step-by-step tutorial on your new routine so you're ready for action. Expect a customized plan for your goals - whether ou want to build muscle, manage your weight, keep your heart healthy or any other goal.

Our fitness staff are here to help.

We have an expert staff ready to design customized workout routines tailored to your specific goals.


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