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Flexible work

Campus employees

  1. Submit a request using this online form.
  2. Once submitted, the completed form is emailed to the employee’s supervisor and HR; a copy is also emailed to the employee.
  3. Supervisors should review the information, then submit the request to their Dean, Associate Provost or Vice President for consideration and approval.
  4. Once approved, the supervisor should contact the employee with the decision. This is also a good time for the supervisor to clarify their expectations and seek to understand what support the employee may need while working remotely.

UK HealthCare employees

Managers/supervisors may use flexible staffing models or permit remote work if clinical operations can be carried out with minimal interruption to workflow.

Remote work options

  1. Managers/supervisors should identify any employee who could address an emergent or urgent issue by whose physical presence may not be necessary durin this emergency.
  2. Employees shall be available via computer and phone throughout their normal working hours.

Flexible work options

  1. Managers/supervisors should work with any staff who may be able to do their work during the evening or nighttime hours (especially if this would allow for child care for school-age children).
  2. Employees shall be available via computer and phone to address any issues that might arise.

Following identification of those employees, the manager/supervisor shall vet their list with their immediate supervisor for final approval.

After approval, the manager/supervisor shall discuss options with affected employees and require the employee to complete the Remote/Flexible Work Form.

Supervisors, we also have tips for supporting remote workers.

Ongoing flexible work options

Find greater satisfaction in work and life by working remotely or adjusting your schedule.

In HR, we encourage supervisors and employees to work together to find creative ways of meeting the needs of the university while providing greater flexibility than traditional work arrangements.

We know flexibility when possible helps everyone thrive at work and outside of it. That's why work-life sensitivity is one of our university's values.

What could flexible work look like?

Woman working in home office.
Remote work

Work can take place off-site for all or part of the workweek on a regular basis. Working from a home office one or two days per week is a common arrangement.

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Tips for working remotely

Father home with children.
Adjusted hours

This flexibility exists only outside of core hours of business, as defined by each supervisor. Core hours may be mid-day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when meetings take place, for example.

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Viewing calendar on digital device.
Compressed work week

A standard workweek can be compressed into fewer than five days. In some positions, working four 10-hour days or three 13-hour days is possible.

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Man enjoying reduced hours phasing into his retirement.
Reduced hours

In most cases, reducing hours involves a pro-rated salary and benefits. Read about the several options available.

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Phase into retirement

Learn what your colleagues do



Checklist Get prepared

Our checklist offers insights and questions to consider at each stage, from considering flexible work to discussing it with your supervisor.

Hands typing proposal on computer.

Request form Send your proposal for flexible work

Our form helps you write your proposal, sends it to your supervisor and copies our HR Work-Life manager for reference.

Man video conferencing from home office.

Tips Optimize your remote work

Our top 10 tips for working from home highlights benefits and challenges to keep in mind.


Leader talking with team.

Checklist Talk with your team

This checklist sets you up for success at each step, from initial conversations about flexible work to reviewing proposals.

Official policies Know our policies

Our full policy on hours of work describes important details about breaks and schedules to consider for all types of flexible work, including flex time.