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What could flexible work look like?

If you are interested in a remote or hybrid schedule, please talk with your supervisor. Plans for remote and hybrid work will be approved at the level of a direct report to the President. If you are interested in flexible hours, such as a compressed work week or reduced seasonal hours, you can submit this form.


November 16 Reduced hours and unpaid leave options extended through August 28, 2021

As part of our earlier COVID-19 response, we extended the eligible seasonal periods for reduced hours and unpaid leave to include fall 2020 and now we're including spring 2021.

Business officers

Seasonal reduced hours or leave

If you need to administer unpaid leave or reduced hours, use SAP to update the employee's position.

Phased retirement

If you have an approved phased retirement, use these step-by-step instructions to make the employee's status official in SAP.

Remote work equipment requests

Please follow the appropriate process for computer and other equipment requests, whether your department is in campus or healthcare.