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What could flexible work look like?

Find greater satisfaction in work and life by working remotely or adjusting your schedule.

In HR, we encourage supervisors and employees to work together to find creative ways of meeting the needs of the university while providing greater flexibility than traditional work arrangements.

We know flexibility when possible helps everyone thrive at work and outside of it. That's why work-life sensitivity is one of our university's values.


April 2 Temporary remote work during COVID-19 response

Allow staff to work remotely on a temporary basis when it makes sense based on their job responsibilities and the university’s operational needs.

October 17 College expands flexible work by launching remote work guidelines

"It's important to me that my team members feel like they have control in how they accomplish their work."

Flexible work options

What's possible in your position? The strategies — remote work, adjusted hours, compressed work week, reduced hours or flex time — that are possible for your specific position should be discussed with your supervisor.

Work remotely

Work can take place off-site for all or part of the workweek on a regular basis. Working from a home office one or two days per week is a common arrangement.

Adjust your hours

Shift your regular schedule an hour early or later, or compress your work week into four 10-hour days. The flexibility is there for you to define with your supervisor.

Reduce your hours

In most cases, reducing hours involves a pro-rated salary and benefits. Several options are available.

Flex time

For occasional appointments, university policy allows you to use flex time as long as you make up the time you missed within the same week. Coordinate with your supervisor, but there's no need to complete a proposal for flex time.

Child care during COVID-19

Because of limits on schools and day cares related to COVID-19, we understand you may have child care responsibilities while working.



Get prepared

Our checklist offers insights and questions to consider at each stage, from considering flexible work to discussing it with your supervisor.

Hands typing proposal on computer.

Send your proposal

Our form helps you write your proposal, sends it to your supervisor and copies our HR Work-Life manager for reference.

Are you requesting to work remotely due to COVID? Go here

What happens after submitting a proposal?

Your proposal will be submitted to your supervisor and the HR Work-Life manager will be copied for reference only. Your supervisor has the option to approve, request revisions or deny.

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Official policies Know our policies

Our full policy on hours of work describes important details about breaks and schedules to consider for all types of flexible work, including flex time.

Checklist Talk with your team

This checklist sets you up for success at each step, from initial conversations about flexible work to reviewing proposals.