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As a residential campus, we must continue to focus on how we can best evolve to meet the needs of our community and carry out our mission to teach, serve, discover and heal in a post-pandemic environment. 

A workgroup — with representatives from various offices that serve within the President’s Cabinet, individuals from Human Resources and elected leaders from among our students, faculty and staff — has been charged with researching, exploring ideas and providing recommendations on how work location can support our efforts to advance the state. 

It’s important to note: Current work location policies will remain in place unless any new or adjusted policies are announced following the workgroup’s completion of its charge. As we have more information about our work, or as policies or processes change, the campus community will be updated. 

Steering Committee 


  • Determine composition of workstreams 
  • Evaluate guiding principles from previous workgroup 
  • Facilitate conversations amongst groups 
  • Consider recommendations from workstreams 
  • Provide final recommendation(s) to senior leadership 


The membership of the steering committee will function in a manner that is nimble to support an expeditious timeframe. Members of this committee will review recommendations from workstreams on research, exploration of what’s possible, and guideline creation. This committee includes representatives from various offices that serve within the President’s Cabinet, Human Resources and shared governance organizations. Membership recommendation includes 14 members, with additional staff providing administrative support to the committee. 


  • Penny Cox, Treasurer  
  • George Ward, Executive Director Coldstream Research Campus and Real Estate  

Human Resources 

  • Gina Dugas, Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration, Acting Vice President for Human Resources
  • Catie Lasley, Associate Vice President for Human Resource Operations  

Institutional Diversity 

  • John Blaine, Director of Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives Provost  

Provost Area

  • Katie Cardarelli, Senior Associate Provost for Administration and Academic Affairs  
  • Scott Lephart, Dean, College of Health Sciences Research  


  • Baron Wolf, Assistant Vice President for Research & Director of Research Analytics, Chief of Staff  

Student Government Association 

  • Michael Hawse, Student Body President  

Staff Senate 

  • Chris Gurtcheff, Department Manager, College of Arts and Sciences  
  • Ryan Story, Senior Academic Advisor, College of Communication and Information  

Student Success 

  • Hannah Simms, Executive Director, UK Student Success Health Corps 
  • Corrine Williams, Acting Associate Vice President for Student Wellbeing, Associate Professor, Department of Health, Behavior & Society  

University Senate Council 

  • Leslie Vincent, Senior Lecturer, Gatton College of Business and Economics  

Project Leadership 

  • Britt Morgan, Director of Finance and Administration, Office of the EVPFA 


The three workstreams (outlined below) are facilitated by a representative of the Steering Committee, include at least two (2) additional Steering Committee members, and will have an intentional lifecycle dependent upon project needs. 

  • Market Research: What are other institutions and organizations doing well? What data will we need to measure progress and success? 
  • Exploration: What could the future of work and student services look like at UK? What else is possible? 
  • Guidelines and Processes: What parameters, processes and plans do we need to support success? How do we implement expanded services and new ways of working? 



Frequently Asked Questions

I had an approved remote or hybrid work agreement for fiscal year 2021-22. Do I need to submit a new request for a remote or hybrid work arrangement?

No. As President Capilouto said in his June 10 message to the university, all existing remote or hybrid work agreements remain in place while the Work Location Workgroup continues its efforts. Any updates or changes to current guidelines, including requests for remote or hybrid work, will be communicated with the university community once recommendations, if approved by university leadership, are finalized. 

Do I need to take any additional action?

Please make sure your remote work address is up to date in myUK. You can view this guide to updating your address

Where can I address questions about travel reimbursement?

If you have questions about travel reimbursement, please see the Concur Travel and Expense Management website or email

I work in a UK HealthCare area. Do I need to make a request to work a hybrid or remote schedule? 

No. As President Capilouto said in his June 10 message to the university, UK HealthCare will maintain separate guidelines.

If and when new work location guidelines are implemented, how quickly will they take effect?

Supervisors will be given adequate time to communicate with their employees and adjust to any new guidelines put in place. More details on that transition period will be communicated as we know more.

I am a supervisor with a new hire in a position well suited for remote or hybrid work. What process should I follow?

Supervisors of new or transfer hires should seek approval of the remote or hybrid work location through their respective member of the President’s cabinet. This process can be achieved through email communication while we are working towards a more streamlined process.

Once approval is obtained, the employee should enter a remote work address in myUK. You can view this guide to updating your address.