Frequently Asked Questions

New Program Process

What is an NOI and when do I need to submit?

What is a Notification of Intent (NOI)? 

The first step in getting an new program proposal approved is to submit a notification of intent. The NOI will be posted to the KPPS (Kentucky Program Proposal System) and we be distributed to all CAO's at the Kentucky public institutions for a 30 day review period. This requires a 1) Name of the Program, 2) Degree Designation, 3) CIP Code, 4) a Brief Description of the Program. Additionally, when submitting a NOI you will be asked a series of questions that allow our office to determine whether the proposed program would be considered a substantive change as defned by SACSCOC's substantive Change Policy.

When do I need to submit an NOI? 

You can submit an NOI once you have the identified the required information listed above. However, our office will work with you to determine when the NOI should be submitted to the KPPS. The NOI starts a 30 day approval process. Once the NOI has been approved, the program has 60 days to submit the pre-proposal. If the pre-proposal is not submitted within this period then a NOI has to be resubmitted initiating another 30 day period. 

To Submit: 




What is CPE?

CPE stands for the the Council on Postsecondary Education. CPE has the statutory authority to approve and close academic programs within the state of Kentucky. The Office of Strategy Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OSPIE) is the liaison between the academic affairs division of CPE (which handles the program approval process) and the University. As such, OSPIE will work with new academic programs to ensure that all appropriate documentation is submitted to CPE. Units will not submit anything directly to CPE, rather OPSIE uses the Units' responses on the Senate's New Academic Program Proposal form to complete the pre-proposal and full proposal forms.

CPE Process

The CPE process begins to a notification of intent (NOI) in which OSPIE posts a brief description of the program to the NOI system. This description is provided by the Unit  in the NOI form. CPE then shares this information with all CAOs at the other public institutions. CAOs have 30 days to address any concerns about a new program directly with the institution. Following approval, there is a 6 month window for the pre-proposal to be entered into the KPPS (Kentucky Program Proposal System). OPSIE will enter responses to the pre-proposal questions directly from the Senate's program proposal form and will submit to CPE once the proposal has been approved by the appropriate academic council (e.g., Undergraduate Council, Graduate Council). CPE has a another 30 day approval period in which Council staff and the other Kentucky public institutions will have the opportunity to review and comment on the pre-proposal. The 30 day approval period can be extended if all questions and concerned raised are not fully addressed.Finaly, once approved by the University's Board of Trustee, OPSIE will submit the final proposal into the KPPS system. The CPE staff will conduct a final review and recommend that the proposal be approved by the council members. A representative from the program will be expected to attend this Council meeting. 

I want to add an online degree program, a minor, or a track/concentration/specialization do I need to submit an NOI?

A Notification of Intent (NOI) is needed for any new degree or credit-bearing certificate programs. A minor or track/concentration/specialization does not fall in these categories and do not require an NOI. Whether a new online degree program requires an NOI depends on whether the program is an already existing degree program at UK or whether it is an entirely new degree program. If you are unsure of whether the degree program already exists please contact

What is a CIP Code?

A CIP Code stands for Classification of Instructional Program. It is a 6-digit code defined by the Department of Education that classifies academic programs and is used for reporting data (e.g., degrees conferred, financial aid) to the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES). You can explore CIP Code by going to the NCES website (link). You will also want to consult with Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness to ensure that a selected CIP Code is not currently in use by another program at the University. Our office can also assist you in selecting an appropriate CIP Code and identifying similar programs within the state and nationally.  

Program Changes

What program changes need to be submitted to OSPIE?

All program changes with exception of changes to a minor need to be submitted to the Office of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (OSPIE). The University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College (SACSCOC) which requires that every institution have a policy for recognizing and approving substantive changes (AR 1:5). OSPIE has developed an online substantive change checklist to assess whether any program changes needs to be reported and/or approved by SACSCOC before implementation. OSPIE will work directly with the academic unit to complete all required paperwork in a timely manner. 

How do I submit a program change? 

You need to complete the online substantive change checklist (HERE) and complete the program change form required by the University Senate. 


We are offering classes at an off-site location, is that a program change?

Anytime you begin offering courses at an off-campus location please consult with OSPIE. The University is obligated to notify SACSCOC about sites in which a student could earn 25-49% of the program curriculum at that site, and has to seek prior approval for a site if a student could earn 50% or more of the program curriculum at that site.

We no longer are admitting students, what should we do?

If you plan to suspend a program for more than a year, this is a substantive program change and needs to be reported to SACSCOC, CPE, and approved by the University Senate. You need to complete the substantive change form for program changes, complete the University Senate form (found on the Senate Page), and submit a Teach-out Plan (found on the OSPIE website). You can contact OSPIE if you have additional questions.