Review of Chief Administrative Officers (CAO)

The primary purposes of the review of chief administrative officers are to enhance leadership effectiveness and provide accountability in ensuring fidelity to the University’s vision, mission, and values. In addition to leadership enhancement, the review of CAOs serve to:
  • Promote a climate of cooperation among faculty and staff employees and their respective administrative offices;
  • Maximize effectiveness of the unit’s execution of its responsibilities; and
  • Provide feedback for performance assessment and continuous improvement.
Three types of review shall be used to assess leadership performance: annual, formative, and summative. When any occur within the same fiscal year, the annual review becomes a component of the formative or summative review.



CAO Review Schedule

CAO Review Survey

The CAO Review is conducted by The IDEA Center, an independent entity. The IDEA Center’s web-based Feedback for Administrators system solicits input on 10 pivotal characteristics, representing five distinct administrative roles. The administrator survey tool gathers impressions on administrative styles, ratings of confidence, and job performance, while also identifying areas for improvement as observed by core constituents. Confidentiality permitting, the respondent sample can be stratified on the basis of a number of roles and relationships, providing a useful demographic breakdown of responses.

Features of The IDEA Center System:
  • Provides ratings of 10 characteristics representing 5 administrative roles
  • Assesses strengths and weaknesses associated with administrative style and personal characteristics and is designed to offer suggestions for improving administrative performance
  • Summarizes ratings of overall job performance and confidence in the administrator
  • Provides impressions of several types of constituents, for example, colleagues, staff, student, and faculty
  • Option to add up to 20 custom questions
  • Confidential responses