Holly Hapke photo
Holly Hapke

January 03, 2018

College/Unit: Gatton College of Business & Economics

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

I teach 1,000 students per semester in three classes: one online and two hybrid. I teach in a very unique hybrid style, which means that half of the class is done in person, while the other half is done online. By splitting the students into two sections, I'm able to maximize the space in classroom. I teach all aspects of marketing, and the hybrid classes are Marketing Management. I was one of the first recipient of the eLii Grant for teaching online and hybrid classes. In addition, I'm the faculty advisor for the American Marketing Association's UK Collegiate Chapter.   

Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that your department utilizes:

I've done a lot of work with Enterprise Applications because of the large size of my Marketing Management classes. They added pictures to my roster ("class roll"), which helps me verify each student. I’ve also worked with the Communications & Strategic Planning Team to brainstorm ways to improve student retention rates.   
I work with Academic Technologies & Faculty Engagement on an ongoing basis because I teach in an Echo360 classroom. This means that my classroom is equipped with a camera along with special hardware and software. I piloted the Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) for Echo360, which allows students to ask and answer questions within the Echo360 platform. I live-stream my class and students are able to participate and engage without being present in Gatton. All of my recorded lectures are saved so that students can go back later and review the information. I couldn’t teach my hybrid classes without the assistance of Echo360 ALP.