Monon Rahman Photo
Monon Rahman

September 27, 2017

College/Unit: Mechanical Engineering Major

Academic Level: Junior

What organizations are you involved in on campus? 

The largest role I have is being the student manager of Kentucky Racing (Solar Car Team & Formula Kentucky). Kentucky Racing is the overall branding for both teams, and its purpose is to foster the connections between the College of Engineering and the University as a whole. We've really recently improved our communication, and I help bridge the relationships between the teams. We're trying to bring more awareness to what we do with both racing teams. For the Solar Car Team (@uksolarcar), we build a fully solar-powered vehicle and we compete in two big races, including one cross-country race. For Formula Kentucky (@formulakentucky), we participate in two additional competitions in Michigan and Nebraska. Our vehicles are judged both for engineering and performance. I'm the Media Lead for the Solar Car Team and I'm the Body Work Lead for Formula Kentucky. I'm very involved with the funding and marketing side of both teams, too.  
I'm also involved with the Creative Filming Club. I'm passionate about media and it's fun to see students come together. 


Tell us about your collaboration with ITS and the ITS services that you utilize as a student:  

The largest ITS benefit for me as a student is access to Adobe Creative Cloud. I utilize that software--such as Premiere and Illustrator--with a lot of the work I do with my student organizations, as well as my personal projects. 
Additionally, The Student Media Depot @ The Hub has collaborated with Kentucky Racing, and their staff has been very helpful with our media needs, especially when we need videos made. We're interested in collaborating more with ITS in the future. We enjoy being involved with many campus units.  
I also work at the Media Depot, where I help students with various multimedia projects, such as podcasts and video projects. It's definitely a cool job to have because I see the creativity of many different students.