Blackboard EAD Results

Update: As of July 1, 2016, University of Kentucky has moved to Instructure's Canvas LMS. Information on this page for informational / archival use only.


In October 2010, UKIT initiated a collaborative effort to collect behavior-based data from faculty and students engaged in online learning at the University of Kentucky. Using observation, structured interviews, surveys, qualitative data analysis, system usage analysis and other behavioral data, this Experience Analysis and Design study – often called “the Bb EAD” – sought to move beyond usability and attitudinal data and to broaden the focus beyond technical perspective. The goal was to identify tactics to support UK’s strategic initiative to reach 70 percent faculty adoption of the LMS by 2014, identifying the specific steps that could be taken to remove actual and perceived barriers to adoption. During Spring 2011, former UK CIO Vince Kellen, Ph.D., and former UKIT Enterprise Architect Christopher Rice, Ph.D., presented results of the Bb EAD across campus. Work on a variety of changes and solutions commenced in June, 2011.

A video presentation of the EAD presented by Dr. Vince Kellen and Dr. Christopher Rice is available below. Additionally a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation from the Educause event is available as a PDF*.

Goals & Proposed Solutions

  1. Simplify and streamline user access to key Blackboard features
    • Provide Lockdown Browser
      Completed July 2011
    • Improve User Interface
      Novemeber 2012: Updated Blackboard Login Page
      Spring 2013: Provided analytics dashboards for students, faculty
    • Blackboard Product Improvements
      Beginning August 2011: improvements made to blogs, wikis, video and video-recording options, calendar, activity feed, personal profile, and other product updates.
  2. Address support issues
    • Expand Training Materials Availability
      Launched August 2011
    • Increase staff support for issue resolution and course creation
      August 2011: Reorganized ATG to create LSS (Learning Systems Support) Team
      October 2011: reorganized Service Desk to improve support process
  3. Improve the institutional approach to LMS adoption
    • Faculty Blackboard Community of Practice
      Begun in October 2011
    • Proctored Testing Centers
      Under discussion
    • Culture of Teaching & Technology

Video of Presentation

Dr. Vince Kellen and Dr. Christopher Rice present the Blackboard EAD

* Note: Documents in the PDF file format require Adobe Acrobat Reader software. It can be downloaded for free at

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