FES Matrix Validation Error Messages

Message Explanation Example

Line x:: Effort n is higher than allowed threshold % n.

The annual DOE percentage on the line indicated has exceeded the highest percentage that can be taken in the number of months that the cost object (grant or cost center or internal order) is active.

Line 005: Optimal monthly component is 8.500 greater than threshold 8.3333. A grant on line 005 of the DOE payroll distribution block is entered with 51% annual percentage. It is active for 6 months. 51/6months=8.5.

Concurrency check failed

Cost objects have beginning and ending dates that overlap. It is not possible to distribute all of the cost objects without exceeding the monthly threshold. (highest percentage that can be taken the number of months the cost objects are active).

Twelve month contract Period

WBS element 1 valid from month 1-3 for 20%

WBS element 2 valid from month 1-6 for 35%

WBS element 3 valid from month 1-9 for 25%

Total of 80% to be charged in 9 months which is over the threshold of 75% (9 months X 8.333333 monthly threshold)


No valid distribution found for the month month number month description fiscal year.

There are no cost objects in the payroll distribution block that are active for the month listed in the error message.

No valid distribution found for the month 10 APR 2007.

Month month number cannot be distributed to 100% as total tot valid no is < Threshold n.

This error occurs when the concurrency check is valid, but the cost objects available to charge in the month listed are less than the threshold.

Month 9 cannot be distributed to 100% as total valid no is < Threshold 10%.

Invalid number of lines of distribution &. Max no. of lines allowed is 25”.

There error occurs when there are more than 25 cost objects for one month in the matrix.


Updated; 5/7/012

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