Display Parked Document (FBV3)

Use FBV2 to find a document number for editing purposes.

Use FBV3 to display a parked document.

Enter FBV3 in the Command field on the SAP Easy Access screen.

Initial Screen  
Company Code Enter UK00.
Fiscal Year Enter the current fiscal year
Document Number Enter the document number or use the document list icon button to find a number.

Press Enter or click the check icon icon.

If the document number is unknown, click on the document list icon button.

EnterUK00 for Company Code and the Fiscal year for the document.

Then provide information for at least one of the following selection criteria:

Posting Date Enter the date or a range of dates when the document was posted.
Document Date Enter the date or a range of dates when the document was entered.
Document Type Enter the document type (e.g., SA for a GL document).
Reference Enter the reference number. For a GL document, enter GA, SPA, or HOSP.
Document Header Text Enter the document header text.
Entered By Enter the User ID of the person who entered the document.


Click on the document number icon icon. Double-click on the document number in the list to display.

display parked document


The Display Parked Document transaction allows users to view document data, amount information, and line item details. They also can see information on the Basic Data, Details, and Workflow tabs.

Updated: 5/15/2012

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