General Questions

What is the Statement of Responsibility?

Answer: The Statement of Responsibility is a document that outlines the employee’s duties and responsibilities with regard to appropriate treatment of information in IRIS, as well as proper use of the employee’s user ID and password information. Employees must read and agree to the statement as a condition for access.

What account set-up is required?

Answer: Everyone who accesses IRIS (faculty, staff, or student) must have an Active Directory account before they can be assigned roles in IRIS. Employees who use Outlook or Blackboard already have Active Directory accounts. Students are included in Active Directory if they have U-Connect accounts.

What does SAP stand for?

Answer: The original meaning (in German) is: "Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung".

When SAP came to America, it changed to Systems, Applications and Products. In the 1980s it was Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing, a literal translation of the German wording.

Can IRIS be accessed remotely?

Answer: Yes, remote access is possible. Many of the new functions within Campus Management, including those for students, will only require the use of the Internet Explorer browser. Faculty members will also use browser access to enter grades and look up courses.

Employees responsible for transactions in FI, MM, or HR/Payroll can access IRIS remotely with the VPN software downloaded to a laptop or PC. They must also have the myUK icon with the embedded SAPGUI on the desktop.

Why does UK have to change from the terminology in SIS/HRS/FRS?

Answer: The SAP product line is global in nature and uses some terminology that is different from that traditionally used at UK. Issues such as ongoing system maintenance and upgrades must be considered. If the University were to require that the SAP software adopt UK terminology, every screen, program, and data element would have to be modified. The system then could no longer be supported by SAP.

How will SAP affect departments staffed by Macintosh users?

Answer: Currently, SAPGUI only runs on the Windows platform. A major goal of the project was single sign-on in the SAP environment, something that could not be accomplished with the Macintosh operating system in the appropriate timeframe for Go Lives. Additionally, SAPGUI interfaces directly with Microsoft Office in the environment. Once Campus Management is live and “settled,” the team will revisit the use of SAPGUI on the Macintosh platform.

Students who are Macintosh users can access IRIS through the use of a browser without having to use SAPGUI.

Will IRIS be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements?

Answer: The University bought the SAP software with the assurance of compliance.  All screens, whether SAPGUI or web-based, will be tested to ensure compliance.

What is myUK?

Answer: myUK is a portal or gateway to IRIS functions for all University employees and students. Signing on to the portal once allows users to access different functions. Some of the functions within the portal require access to SAPGUI, while others are browser-based. Within myUK are links to other software applications such as Blackboard.

Updated: 5/31/2012

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