Student Lifecycle Management

Student Lifecycle Management is the collection, storage and processing of student data that is associated with the student lifecycle.

Service Areas:

  • Admissions
  • Advising
  • Course Registration
  • Grading
  • Graduation
  • Registrar and Student Records
  • Student Accounting
  • Student Financial Aid and Academic Scholarships
  • Transfer Center (APEX)
  • On-line Student Services support close to 30,000 students
  • SLCM applications are accessed by over 8,000 faculty, staff and administrators.

Contacts for SLCM Training Plans

Academic Enrichment: Lynn Hiler

Academic Scholarships: Sandy Copher

Admissions and Registrar: Ellie Goodman

Agriculture: Jamie Dunn

Agriculture - Human Environmental Sciences: Louise Gladstone

Arts and Sciences: Michelle Combs

Assessment: Deborah Sparkman

Athletics: Mike Haley

Business and Economics: Robert Martin-Curry

Communication and Information: Suanne Early

Dean of Students: Nicholas Kehrwald, Cindy Wright

Dentistry: Melissa Lockard

Design: Azhar Swanson

Distance Learning: Jackie Briscoe

Donovan Scholars Program, Council on Aging: Kevin Horn

Education: Cynthia Jennings

Engineering: B.J. Brandenburg

Financial Aid: Nimmi Wiggins

Fine Arts: Misty Howard

Graduate Family Housing: Paula Dunn

Graduate School: Linda Davis

Health Sciences: Sharon Goins

Information Technology Services: Diana Gold

Institutional Diversity: Terry Allen

Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity: Heather Roop

International Affairs: Shan "Sandee" Huang

James W Stuckert Career Center: Ray Clere

Law: Alison Begor

Lewis Honors College: Donna Hancock

Libraries: Melissa Barlow

Medicine: Brendan McCarthy

Nursing: Joanne Davis

Parking and Transportation: David Cowan

Pharmacy: Rene Maldonado

Planning and Institutional Effectiveness: Ann D. Weber

Public Health: Amber Moreland, Nicholas Morgan

Residence Life: Tony Ralph

Senate Council Office: Sheila Brothers

Social Work: Lyn LeMieuxGary Trumble

Student Account Services: Linda Smitha

Student and Academic Life: Terri Runyon

Student and Academic Services (UK 101): Debbie Calvert

Student Center: Phillip Latiff

Student Support Services: Lynda Wilson Bush

Teaching and Academic Support Center: Cynthia Buster

Transformative Learning: Molly Reynolds

UK Alumni Association: John Hoagland

UK Police Department: Robert McKinley

Undergraduate Housing: Brooke Daniel

University Health Services: Carol Redden



SLCM flow chart