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Moving from Public Folder to a Resource

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To transfer emails stored on an Exchange Public Folder to an Exchange resource follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Create a subfolder within the Exchange resource (for consistency it’s best to keep the name the same)
  2. Navigate to the folder within the Public Folders that you are working with. Highlight the items that you will be moving to the resource. .
  3. Right click within the highlighted portion of the items
  4. Left click on move from the menu that appears.

    Please note – that if the items in your subfolder total 3,000 or more it is best to move small groups of items at a time; if you try to remove too many items at one time you will receive the error below.

  5. Once all items from your folder have been moved to the associated subfolder within your resource you may delete that folder from your public folder. To delete this folder following the process below.
    1. Right click on subfolder within the public folder and left click on delete.
    2. Main folders within the Public Folder tree cannot be deleted by the owner. A request to remove these folders will need to be sent to the APAT Service Desk for processing. There may also be other folders that you cannot delete. This can be determined by right clicking on a folder and the “delete” option is grayed out, a request with the folder location will need to be sent to the APAT Service Desk.
  6. Continue the steps above until all items have been moved from the Public Folder to the appropriate folders within your Resource
  7. Final Step: The removal of the Public Folder!
    Please send an email to the APAT Service Desk at ( with for following Information.
    1. Name of Primary Public Folder that needs to be deleted.
    2. A list of any subfolders that could not be deleted by the owner.

NOTE: Once any public folder has been deleted, it cannot be restored.

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