SAS Installation

NOTE:UK Students and Employes have the option to use the virtual desktop instead of installing SAS. Go to for more information.

*SAS/JMP Genomics is not included on the MyVirtualDEN

SAS is currently not compatible with Windows 10.

Helpful Knowledge

  • MyVirtual Den only has version SAS 9.3 m2 and JMP
  • JMP Genomics 6.0 can only be found as a download from the
  • JMP Genomics can not be installed on a machine which has SAS 9.3 m2 installed
  • If you need to have access to both SAS and SAS/JMP Genomics, you can install Genomics on your machine and use SAS using the MyVirtualDEN

Looking for Extended Instructions? | Looking for SAS 9.3 Installation Instructions?

  1. Navigate to and log in with your linkblue credentials
  2. Download Login Screen

  3. Make sure your computer is securely connected to the campus network using the

    Cisco VPN client (also available at before beginning your SAS download

  4. NOTE: This is a very large download. If possible, please connect directly with a wired connection, rather than wireless, to mitigate the chances of a download time-out

  5. Right click on the folder and choose "Extract All..."
  6. Extract Files

  7. Place your License file (SID) in the folder called LicenseFile, then click on INSTALL.bat to begin the installation process. Please Note: that the installation process could take a few hours to complete


    • Choose Installation Language
    • choose language

    • Choose Language Support
    • choose language support

    • SAS Deployment Wizard will check your system to ensure it can install
    • installation check

    • Installation will run automatically
    • installation

  8. If you haven't already, complete the license survey that can be found on Upon completing the survey, you will receive your software license in your email.


    • Open Notepad
    • Copy contents of the license and paste into notepad
    • Save this as a .txt file to your desktop
  9. Run the license activation wizard with your new license to license your software.

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