Voicemail Migration to Cisco Unity Connection

UKAT is in the process of migrating ALL University voice mailboxes from Exchange Unified Messaging to the Cisco Unity Connection platform. Previously UK utilized several different voicemail solutions. This move allows us to consolidate voicemail onto a single system and allow for cost savings due to the reduction of support and maintenance of multiple platforms. Information about this new voicemail system can be found on the voicemail wiki site at http://wiki.uky.edu/voicemail.

The target date of the go-live is November 10. In preparation for this move, if you currently have voicemail, your new voice mailbox will be pre-loaded in the Unity Connection system. You are encouraged to set your spoken name, greeting, and PIN prior to the actual migration. When initializing your mailbox for the first time you will need to call the new voicemail pilot number (859) 218-2000, provide your voicemail ID which is your 10-digit phone number and the voicemail PIN. The initial PIN is 13579.

If you currently receive voicemail in your Outlook email inbox, your account has already been created in the Unity Connection System. The instructions for setting up and personalizing your voicemail account are on the voicemail wiki site at http://wiki.uky.edu/Voicemail/Pages/InitialSetup.aspx. You must complete all the steps in the process for the mailbox to fully initialize. If you don’t get your account personalized before the system goes live your voicemail account will still work, it just won’t be personalized.

Please Note: Voicemail accounts for phone only users have not all been created yet. Once these are finished the process is the same as above for completing the initial voice mailbox setup. These should be finalized within the next two weeks.

Voicemail Wiki

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357) 218help@uky.edu