HPC FAQ - Accounts

Supercomputer documentation is always a work in progress! Please email questions, corrections, or suggestions to the HPC support team at help-hpc@uky.edu as usual. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I obtain an account on the Lipscomb (DLX) cluster?

See the Accounts page for more information.

2. What if I have a question about my eligibility?

See the Accounts page for more information.

3. Whom do I contact for other account information?

See the Accounts page for more information.

4. How are resources allocated?

Each HPC user is assigned a single userid and each userid is assigned to a project. A project may have several userids assigned to it and a userid may belong to more than one project.

There is a quota on the disk space used by the home directory (/home/userid) of your HPC account.

There are no quotas on your scratch directory (/scratch/userid), but the scratch space filesystem is shared by all users. Please don't abuse it! Remember the scratch areas are not backed up. There is a link to your scratch area in your home directory (/home/userid/scratch) for convenience.

In the future, other resources may be limited as well.

5. Is it possible for me to get a larger home disk quota on the cluster?

Yes, if you have a valid reason. Send email to the Help HPC list at help-hpc@uky.edu.

Note, a large quota is not a substitute for cleaning your home directory! High-speed disk space on a global clustered file system is an expensive resource, and it must be shared by all of our HPC users.

6. May someone else use my account if they have my permission to do so?

No. The only person who may use an account is the person to whom it was granted. Permitting any other person to use your account may result in the suspension of your computing privileges at UK.

7. Why is my account inaccessible?

If your account is inaccessible, get help from User Account Services by using the contact information at the right. Ask if your account has been disabled or suspended for any reason.

If you find that your account has actually been suspended, send email to
help-hpc@uky.edu for additional information.

8. Why has my account been inactivated or suspended?

An account may be inactivated if it is not used for a long time.

An account may be suspended if someone has

  • Entered the wrong password too many times when attempting to login. This will automatically disable an account.
  • Permitted someone else to use the account, other than the person to whom the account was granted.
  • Failed to abide by all of the relevant policies and procedures. For detailed information, see the UKy Information System Policies.

9. How do I get my account reactivated?

For information on reactivating an inactive account, get help from User Account Services by using the contact information at the right.

For information on reactivating a suspended account, send email to help-hpc@uky.edufor additional information.

859-218-HELP (859-218-4357) 218help@uky.edu