e-Signature Regulations Coming Soon

POSTED: JULY 25, 2012

The e-Signatures Workgroup Committee developed a new Administrative Regulation and new Business Procedure on electronic signatures. The university may require that members of the university community use electronic signatures to conduct certain transactions that previously required handwritten signatures and approvals on paper documents. Increasing, improved efficiency of internal transactions that require authorization is a desired outcome. These proposed regulations establish the policies and procedures by which the university:

1. Designates university transactions for which e-Signatures are required; and
2. Recognizes and authenticates e-Signatures.

The purpose of the regulations is to provide guidance to university units and employees on the implementation and use of an electronic signature processes for authorizing official transactions.

The Business Procedure will include how to:
1. determine what forms are appropriate for electronic signatures;
2. gauge the level of security needed;
3. determine which methodology or technology to use;
4. obtain approval to use electronic signatures; and
5. use electronic signatures responsibly.

The target date for implementing the e-Signature regulations is July 2012.

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