Enterprise Content Management to provide University solutions

POSTED: MAY 9, 2013

Enterprise Content Management (ECM), a service provided by UK Information Technology (UKIT), allows archiving of documents, workflow, document viewing, email integration, and audit trails among other features. 

Key benefits of ECM include:

  • Links content with SAP data;
  • Creates a framework for units to better manage document retention according to policies/laws;
  • Improves compliance and control;
  • Minimizes risk of unauthorized access to documents;
  • Space savings;
  • Improves productivity/process efficiency;
  • Reduces search and processing time;
  • Protects content from disasters; and
  • Reduces transport, copy and print costs.

The first ECM implementation, Employee File Management solution for Human Resources (HR) Records and Compensation, established electronic personnel files. 

The UKIT ECM Team began working with Admission and Registrar and the Enrollment Management  ECM team in Fall 2012 to define and implement a Student File Management (SFM) solution.  SFM will be the technical framework to support attaching various document types, such as imaged external transcripts, to a student’s record.  

This process will help authorized Enrollment Management users and advisors to have more efficient and streamlined access to students’ records.  This exciting project will allow units to progress from generating and storing paper documents to linking electronic documents directly to a student record. Content will be linked to and accessible within the Student Master Record in SAP.  Approved staff and faculty will have the ability to view the information as needed rather than requesting documents from Registrar. The PDF format files will eliminate risk of damaged or lost files due to fire, flood, or theft.

New admission and student records documentation will be scanned and uploaded into the system.  Existing documentation will remain in paper form.  The use of SFM is expected to begin by the start of the Fall 2013 enrollment cycle.

The ECM Team will continue to work with a number of units across campus to deliver ECM solutions. These include Provost Office, Office of the Treasurer, Enrollment Management, the Graduate School, various academic units, University Budget Office, Office of Legal Counsel, and Physical Plant Division.

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