Brian Williams
Brian Williams

May 23, 2019

ITS Division: Customer Support & Student IT Enablement

Service Area: Customer Services

What services do you and your teammates provide to campus?

As Supervisor of the Customer Services team, I know that we are the face of ITS, providing IT Support for students, faculty, and staff.  Providing support for accounts, applications, cloud applications, and email.  Escalating requests and support requests to Engineers and analysts.  Also, supporting to provide students, faculty, and staff with the latest versions of software provided by the University.

What campus units do you collaborate with?

We support students, faculty, and staff in campus departments, colleges, and HealthCare.

What are your workplace values?

Mentoring my associates to be representative of our customers and ITS, showing integrity in everything we do, getting results and assisting customers as quickly as possible, providing the best customer service possible, and develop new processes and solutions through innovative ideas to better serve our customers and the university mission.

What is your favorite part of working in ITS and UK?

I enjoy the people and culture of ITS and UK; and developing my team to do the best job supporting our customers.