Research Computing Infrastructure

The University of Kentucky (UK) has a rich history of computing, originating with the establishment of the UK Computing Center in 1958. In 1987, UK’s High Performance Computing (HPC) program began with creation of the Center for Computational Science (CCS), the acquisition of research-focused computational hardware, and research-focused network communications.

For nearly three decades, information technology professionals and computational scientists have provided HPC-focused consulting services, software support, and infrastructure operations. Over the past decade cyberinfrastructure (CI) utilization once dominated by research in theoretical physics, computational chemistry, computational biology, and materials engineering now competes for computational resources with the areas of artificial intelligence, computer vision, genomics, social sciences, and a broad range of other historically underrepresented scientific areas.

In July 2016, the UK Research Computing (UKRC) group was formed to address the rapid growth of demand and diversity of CI resources, tools, and computational techniques. Working in conjunction with ITS, CCS, and the Institute of Biomedical Informatics (BMI), the UKRC team serves a broad scientific community of researchers across academic disciplines applying advanced cyberinfrastructure and computational techniques in the advancement of research.

If you are a researcher and would like to learn more about what resources are available and how to access them, please visit the CCS site.