Ethics and Compliance

This web site is intended to inform all interested parties of ethics and compliance policies and procedures at the University of Kentucky and to provide information as to reporting of potential violations of the University's ethics and compliance rules.


Report an Ethical Issue


There are three areas of ethics and compliance at the University of Kentucky. These areas are as follows:


Ethics and Code of Conduct

At its January 27, 2004 meeting, the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees approved the UK Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct to document expectations of responsibility and integrity. Exemplary ethical conduct is critically important in our relationships with colleagues, trustees, students, volunteers, contractors, and the public. Further, this statement reflects the values of the University. The statement is divided into two sections. The first section contains the Ethical Principles and the second section contains the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct contains principles, rules, and regulations applicable to all trustees, officers, faculty, and staff of the University. At its March 2, 2004 meeting, the Board of Trustees adopted the UK Clinical Enterprise Code of Conduct Addendum. It addresses restrictions pertaining to acceptance of gifts and relationships with industry that are more stringent than those applicable to the general University community. These restrictions are necessary to comply with federal Anti-Kickback and Stark laws. Violations of these restrictions may lead to serious criminal and civil penalties. Effective July 1, 2009, the Code of Conduct Addendum has been amended to reflect the heightened scrutiny being applied to relationships with industry that may inappropriately influence health care decisions. The Code of Conduct Addendum applies to all faculty, staff, house officers, and students involved in healthcare-related activities, without regard to an individual's specific job duties or function. The healthcare-related activities of the University include the healthcare delivery, clinical, and academic programs of the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, and Public Health, their affiliated faculty practice plans, University of Kentucky Hospital, UK HealthCare Good Samaritan Hospital, UK HealthCare Ambulatory Services, and related support organizations and programs. 


Corporate Compliance

The Corporate Compliance Program was adopted in May 1998 for all of the activities of the Health Affairs area. The Compliance Program that is led by a Compliance Officer has two primary goals:

  • To enhance and further demonstrate to our patients, the community, employees, staff, the government, and third-party payers our commitment to honest and fair dealing; and 
  • To centralize and intensify our efforts in preventing and detecting illegal, unethical, or abusive conduct.
  • For more information regarding the types of issues that should be referred to the Corporate Compliance Office, visit the Corporate Compliance Program website.


Athletics Comply Cats

The "Comply Cats" Program was unveiled by former President Lee T. Todd, Jr. on October 18, 2001 as an enhancement to the Athletics Department’s Compliance Program. Comply Cats, through a toll-free telephone number or the Comply Cats web site, allows employees, student athletes, and the general public to report potential misconduct or ask compliance-related questions anonymously.