Visit the Office's BBNvovled page to keep up to date on our upcoming events, link here.


  • Visit us in the Dinkle-Mas Suite (more information below). Winter Intercession hours are Tuesday and Wednesdays 9am - 5pm.
  • Join us on Discord, UK students can register for a server link here.

The Dinkle-Mas Suite for LGBTQ* Resources is primarily accessible by pre-scheduled visits to maintain and abide by physical distancing and other coronavirus related adjustments. Use this link to do so. Requests cannot be made for same day and must be made before 3pm for next day visits. Walk-ins are available as the schedule allows. If you need to speak with a staff member, please email that individual to set up a meeting virtually. 

To maintain social distancing, our current space capacity is six individuals at a time. If you plan to come as a group, one person can submit the form on behalf of others. This is different than an event or meeting registration. People can request to stay up to two hours at a time. If everyone in your group does not plan to enter or leave at the same time, individuals must submit their own request. Your visit is not confirmed until you receive an email from a member of LGBTQ* Resources' staff.

Name and email of all visitors is retained for the university's contact tracers in the event of COVID-19 cases on campus. All visitors will have their temperature taken when they arrive. Anyone with a temperature over 100.1 will not be allowed entrance. Temperature information is not recorded or reported. For more information on the university's coronavirus response, visit uky.edu/coronavirus.


LGBTQ* Resources is University of Kentucky's central hub for accessing information, groups, and services related to diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. We are a campus-wide office that supports the Office of the Vice President for Institutional Diversity in making sure that our community is a welcoming, safe, and supportive place for all students, faculty, staff and alumni. We also seek to connect and collaborate with community groups and friends across the City of Lexington and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Our mission focuses on the three core pillars of education, advocacy, and community building. We are actively engaged in supporting student organizations, offering professional development opportunities for campus groups, and advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals from many walks of life. Our ultimate goal is to highlight the wonderfully diverse experiences of LGBTQ* Wildcats while working to decrease marginalization in all forms.

Download our brochure here.


The Office of LGBTQ* Resources stands in solidarity with Black people and the fight against racial injustice. Our ultimate goal is to highlight the wonderfully diverse experiences of LGBTQ* Wildcats while working to decrease marginalization in all forms.
We are now in Pride month, a time when we can celebrate LGBTQ* lives and experiences because of the work and sacrifices of many LGBTQ* individuals who have come before us. Trans Black women and other Black LGBTQ* folxs were many of these trailblazers and we see many queer folxs of color continuing to move us forward. We must acknowledge the extreme marginalization that queer folks of color continue to face. Clearly, the fight for racial justice continues to affect LGBTQ* communities today. 

We are here for all Wildcats during these emotionally and mentally trying times. Our staff are available via email and Zoom to discuss any of your needs or just to be a safe place for conversation.

For more resources to learn about or support Black LGBTQ* lives, visit: