UK LGBTQ* Alumni Group

The UK LGBTQ* Alumni Group, also known as PrideCats, was founded in 2016 to promote fellowship among alumni of the University of Kentucky who identify as part of an LGBTQ* community as well as alumni who identify as friends of LGBTQ* communities. This group operates in close connection with the UK Office of LGBTQ* Resources and seeks to bring members together through communication, meetings, gatherings, and reunions. The group’s main objectives include fostering a closer relationship between current students at the university and the alumni group, lending support to UK LGBTQ* communities, and promoting awareness of the history of LGBTQ* communities at the university.

A copy of the LGBTQ* Alumni Group’s governing documents can be found HERE.

For more information on the group and to find out how to be a member, visit the PrideCat's page with the Alumni Association or contact President Tuesday Meadows at

Founding Members

Tuesday Meadows, Lexington, President
Ross Ewing, Lexington, Vice President
Victor Rowe, Louisville, Treasurer
Michael DeLeon, Louisville, Secretary
Greg Bourke, Louisville
Ernesto Scorsone, Lexington
Jacob Boyd, Lexington
Nolan Jez, Richmond, VA 
Amanda Fallin-Bennett, Lexington
Keisa Fallin-Bennett, Lexington
Thomas McIntosh, Cincinnati
Joanne Wheeler-Bland, Elizabethtown
Michael Frazier, Lexington