The Martin Luther King Center exists to promote communication, cooperation, and community among the diverse religious and spiritual groups and individuals of the University of Kentucky. Through events and partnerships our goal is to create a safe space for all cultures. We welcome and respect all, giving different cultures representation and a voice to be heard. The University of Kentucky creates and supports transformative experiences of spiritual growth, ethical reflection, interfaith and intercultural dialogue, community service, and social action.

The Interfaith Calendar information is for the purpose of highlighting religious observances, holidays and to serve as a guide to educate the UK community. We encourage members of our UK community to be sensitive and respectful to the global faith practices and traditions as you plan both social and academic initiatives throughout the year. 

This is not an fully comprehensive list of all global faiths nor does it provide guidelines for academic accommodations. For information on the University's academic policy regarding religious observances,  please visit The University Senate Website


-currently being updated

*The Interfaith room is located on the 3rd floor of the Gatton Student Center. 



2022 April 2nd: Beginning of Ramadan
10th: Palm Sunday
15th: Passover/ Good Friday
17th: Easter
24th: Orthodox Easter
May 1st - 2nd: Eid al-Fitr
5th: Cinco De Mayo
June 5th: Shavuot- Sunday Pentecost
16th: Corpus Christi- Thursday 
30th: Rath Yatra- Thursday
July 10th: Eid al-Adha- Sunday
30th: Muharram- Saturday
August 8th: Ashura- Monday 
11th: Raksha Bandhan- Thursday
15th: Assumption of Mary- Monday
18th: Krishna Janmashtami- Thursday
30th: Ganesh Chaturthi- Tuesday
September 26th: Rosh Hashanah- Monday
26th- Oct 5th: Navaratri- Monday
27th: Meskel- Tuesday
October 4th: St Francis Day- Tuesday
5th: Yom Kippur
9th(Sunday)-16th: Sukkot
24th: Diwali
November 24th: Thanksgiving- Thursday
27th: First Sunday of Advent- Sunday
December 16th- 24th: Posadas  Navidenas 
19th: Hanukkah- Monday
21st: Solstice (Yule)- Wednesday 
24th: Christmas Eve
25th: Christmas 
26th: Kwanzaa Zarathosht Diso- Monday
28th: Holy Innocents- Wednesday
31st: New Year's Eve/ Watch Night - Saturday
2023 January 1st: New Years Day- Sunday
6th: Epiphany- Friday
7th: Orthodox Christmas- Saturday
14th: Orthodox New Year - Saturday 14th: Makar Sankranti
16th: MLK Day- Monday
22nd: Lunar New Year- Sunday
February 6th: Tu B'Shevat- Monday
18th: Maha Shivaratri- Saturday Isra and Mi'raj 
20th- President's Day- Monday
22nd: Ash Wednesday  Lent- Wednesday
March 7th: Purim- Tuesday
8th: Holi- Wednesday Laylat al Bara'at
22nd: Beginning of Ramadan- Wednesday
30th: Rama Navami- Thursday 
April 2nd: Palm Sunday- Sunday
5th: Passover- Wednesday
7th: Good Friday- Friday
9th: Easter- Sunday
16th: Orthodox Easter- Sunday
18th: Laylat al Qadr- Tuesday Yom Hashoah 
21st: Eid al-Fitr - Friday
May 5th: Cinco de Mayo- Friday
9th: Lag BaOmer- Tuesday
18th: Ascension Day- Thursday 
26th: Shavuot- Friday
28th: Pentecost- Sunday
June 8th: Corpus Christi- Thursday
19th: Juneteenth- Monday Rath Yatra- Monday
28th: Day of Arafat - Wednesday
29th: Eid al-Adha - Thursday
July 19th: Muharram- Wednesday
27th: Tisha B'Av- Thursday
28th: Ashura- Friday
August 15th: Assumption of Mary- Tuesday
30th: Raksha Bandhan- Wednesday 
September 6th: Krishna Janmashtami- Wednesday
16th: Rosh Hashanah- Saturday
18th: Ganesh Chaturthi- Monday
23-24th: Yom Kippur- Monday
28th: Meskel- Thursday
29th- Oct 6th: Sukkot 
October 4th: St. Francis Day- Wednesday
7th: Shemini Atzeret- Saturday
8th: Simchat Torah- Sunday 
9th: Indigenous People's Day- Monday 
15th-24th: Navaratri - Sunday
November 1st: All Saint's Day- Wednesday
2nd: All Souls Day- Thursday 
12th: Diwali - Sunday 
23rd: Thanksgiving- Thursday
December 8th: Hanukkah - Friday 
21st: Solstice (Yule) - Thursday
24th: Christmas Eve- Sunday
25th: Christmas- Monday
26th: Kwanza- Tuesday
31st: New Year's Eve- Sunday 
2024 January 1st: New Year's Day- Monday  
6th: Epiphany- Saturday
7th: Orthodox Christmas- Sunday 
14th: Makar Sankranti- Sunday
25th: Tu B'Shevat- Thursday
February 7th: Isra and Mi'raj- Wednesday 
10th: Chinese New Year- Saturday 
14th: Ash Wednesday- Wednesday Beginning of Lent 
March 8th: Maha Shivaratri- Friday
11th: Ramadan starts- Monday 
24th: Purim- Sunday 24th: Palm Sunday 
25th: Holi- Monday 
29th: Good Friday- Friday
31st: Easter- Sunday 
April 1st: Easter Monday- Monday 
6th: Laylat al Qadr- Tuesday
10th: Eid al-Fitr - Wednesday
16th: Rama Navami- Tuesday
23rd- 30th: Passover- Tuesday 
May 2nd: National Day of Prayer- Thursday
5th: Cinco de Mayo- Sunday 
6th: Yom Hashoah- Monday
19th: Pentecost- Sunday
26th: Lag BaOmer- Sunday
30th:Corpus Christi- Thursday 
October 3rd-12th: Navaratri- Thursday
2025 January Elevation of the Life Giving Cross (Holy Cross)  

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The Religious Advisors Staff (RAS) is a group of religious and faith leaders at the University of Kentucky. We exist to promote students' development during their time in college, academically, socially, and spiritually. Each of the groups on this site represents an established, ongoing presence at UK. They meet together regularly to stay informed on the issues relevant to the faith lives of students at the University of Kentucky and to allow a voice to those issues.  

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