Judi Godsey PhD, MSN, RN
Part-Time Instructor

Dr. Judi Godsey is DNP faculty in the College of Nursing at the University of Kentucky. She co-founded and co-directs the Institute for the Brand Image of Nursing (IBIN) which highlights the significant gap between nurses' current -vs- desired image for their profession, as well as the incongruent image of nursing held by the public. Recommendations from this international research (with replication studies in China and Oman) include adopting and living the brand image "all nurses are leaders" across all domains and corners of the nursing profession and throughout all levels of practice, education, research, advocacy/policy, and innovation.

Dr. Godsey formerly served as the primary research liaison for all levels of nursing practice in her role as Director of Nursing Research at The Christ Hospital Health Network in Cincinnati, Ohio. She received an ADN, BSN, and MSN from Northern Kentucky University, and a PhD in Nursing from the University of Hawaii in 2015, with a dissertation focus on nursing informatics competencies. Dr. Godsey provided academic leadership for the development of the Doctor of Nursing Practice and Nursing Informatics Specialist Programs at Xavier University. She has more than 30 years of nursing experience in various positions from critical care staff to research and administrative leadership. She has generated numerous publications and national abstracts and serves on various health related regional and state boards.

Dr. Godsey was a 2019 Greater Cincinnati Healthcare Hero Award Finalist, received NKU’s Alumni of the Year Award, as well as the Civic Engagement Award for exemplary service to the community and to the profession of nursing. She was also recognized by the Council on Post-Secondary Education at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC for her contributions to the public good.

Contact Information

Email: judi.godsey@uky.edu


PhD, University of Hawaii, 2015
MSN, Northern Kentucky Univerity, 2005
BSN, Northern Kentucky University, 2002
ADN, Northern Kentucky University, 1991


International research on the Brand Image of Nursing; re-positioning the brand image of nurses as leaders; exploring the limitless applications of mindfulness in nursing and personal practice