Nicki Sullivan

Nicki Sullivan DNP, BSN, RN
Teaching Assistant

Nicki Sullivan began working as a Telemetry and Emergency Department nurse after receiving her ADN from Midway College in 2000. After completing her BA in English from the University of Kentucky in 2007, she decided to return to the field of nursing in 2014, completing the RN-BSN program at the University of Kentucky and soon enrolled in their BSN-DNP program in the Primary Mental Health Nurse Practitioner track. Her current research interests include suicide and bullying in middle school populations. Her Practice Inquiry Project entitled A Secondary Analysis of Survey Data Evaluating the Lifelines Suicide Prevention Program Among Middle School Students will contribute to this much needed area of research.

Her decision to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner stemmed from the loss of her 12-year-old son, Chase, to suicide on October 16, 2013. Her goal is to raise suicide awareness and decrease the stigma that surrounds suicide by encouraging an open and honest dialogue, which can be as simple as asking, "Are you ok?" She uses the hashtag #DoItForChase on social media as a reminder of why suicide awareness and prevention are so important.

Contact Information

Phone: (859) 533-3003



BSN, University of Kentucky, 2014
BA in English, University of Kentucky, 2007
ADN, Midway College, 2000