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College of Nursing Staff Council Purposes

  • Enhance communication among staff, faculty, students, and administration
  • Serve as a liaison to the Dean and Associate Dean for Administration regarding staff issues
  • Coordinate meetings and activities to promote a sense of community within the College of Nursing.


  • There will be six (6) members (minimum 4). Each term will be 2 years in duration, beginning July 1. The terms will be staggered to allow for continuity on the council. If necessary, the Staff Council will conduct a special election to fill an unexpected vacant seat on the Council. The individual elected to fill the vacant seat will serve out the remaining term of the individual who has resigned.
  • Selection to Staff Council is made through the voting process conducted by the Council. Elections shall be conducted in May of each year in which new representatives will be elected.
  • Staff Council officers consist of a chair, vice-chair, and a past chair.  As past chair, they will not be eligible for reelection. The vice-chair will be elected from the two newly elected representatives each July 1. The Business Officer will not be eligible to run for Staff Council but will serve in an ex officio role. The chair will notify the CON staff of selection results.


  • The College of Nursing staff voting members are all regular full-time and half-time exempt and non-exempt staff employees, no longer on probation, including staff employees with faculty adjunct appointments and externally paid staff whose primary assignment and work responsibilities are performed within an academic unit of the College of Nursing and are supervised/evaluated by CON faculty or staff. These staff employees who are eligible to be voting members of the College of Nursing will be included in all staff meetings, may be eligible to serve on Staff Council, and be eligible for CON Staff Employee of the Year.
  • Temporary, full-time staff will be included on the CON staff mailing list and may attend all College of Nursing staff meetings; however, they will not have voting privileges, serve on Staff Council, nominate or be a nominee of CON Staff Employee of the Year (temporary half-time/part-time is not included). In some circumstances, the temporary, part-time employees could petition the Staff Council as to their desire to participate in voting.
  • Staff Council Bylaws  (approved January 2021)


  • Conduct a minimum of 4 Staff Council meetings per year
  • Conduct a minimum of 2 College of Nursing all-staff meetings per year
  • Participate in the Year-End Awards Ceremony of the CON in order to recognize Staff Service Awards. (This will involve working with the Business Office to identify those employees eligible for service awards and working with the Dean’s office to ensure recognition of staff at the final College meeting in the spring.)
  • Provide a Staff Council Representative to work with the Faculty Council on the annual holiday function
  • Plan and conduct an Annual Staff Retreat (This will involve soliciting information of interest from staff informal surveys/questionnaires and informal conversation as to areas of interest or need for professional development, training, etc.)
  • At the request of the Dean, coordinate staff representation for committees as needed
  • Represent issues of concern from staff and bring to the attention of the Dean and/or Administration

Who We Are

  • Jesse Stallsworth, Chair
  • Zac Schmidt, Vice-Chair 
  • Todd Stoltzfus, ex-officio
  • Carol Simpson, ex-officio
  • Cynthia Fentress
  • Kevin Garland  
  • Tricia MacCallum
  • Hadley Sensing