Kyle Kuykendall
Program Coordinator

Kyle Kuykendall joined the College of Nursing as the Radon Program Coordinator for BREATHE in July 2021.  He provides radon outreach and education with advocates, industry leaders, and the general public. He creates marketing and educational materials on the adverse health effects of radon and the synergistic risk of radon and tobacco. He also provides research support, training on the health effects of radon exposure, radon testing and “how to” steps to mitigate radon risk.  Previously he worked for both the Division of Water and the Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in biology from Transylvania University in 2002, and a Master’s degree in biology from Eastern Kentucky University in 2013.

Contact Information

Phone: 859-257-7028

Email: kyle.kuykendall@uky.edu

Office: 2265 Harrodsburg Rd, Suite 202, Lexington, KY 40504