Nursing Education Interns (NUR 397)

The Nursing Education Seminar/Internship is an independent study elective designed to provide undergraduate nursing students with experience in implementing the teaching-learning process. Students will work with nursing faculty as mentors as they assist new nursing students in learning clinical nursing and med math skills.

Internship details and objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of teaching-learning principles
  • Assess learning needs related to nursing and med math skills
  • Work with undergraduate students in learning and practicing nursing skills and med-math skills
  • Assist in setting up nursing skills laboratory experiences
  • Assist in reviewing student competencies via video-validation
  • Assist in the development and implementation of nursing laboratory simulation experiences
  • Attend course and lab meetings as time permits
  • Students will develop an increased proficiency with clinical nursing skills as a result of teaching others


 Professor Jennifer Manley and/or Dr. Suzanne Pilon.