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Applicants must be mid-to senior-level faculty or staff in Executive, Administrative, or Managerial positions and must have demonstrated prior leadership experience. This includes faculty serving as Director of Undergraduate Studies, Director of Graduate Studies, Department Chair, Program or Division Director, Center Director, Assistant or Associate Dean or Assistant Provost. For staff, it includes those in director or manager positions that are typically grade 48 or higher.



In addition to two 2-day retreats, the program includes monthly full-day sessions in addition to other project work to be completed by the end of the program. While it is reasonable that participants may need to miss some parts of the program due to work demands, a commitment to completing program requirements is expected. Applicants may want to ensure their distribution of effort and other responsibilities will accommodate the commitment to the program.


April Kickoff Lectures

Schedule of Events

 2017 Cohort 

May Retreat                                                             Hilary J Boone Center

               May 8 and 9                                                    8:30-4:30


August Retreat                                                        Spindletop       

               August 15 and 16                                           8:30-4:30


Monthly Meetings (1:00-5:00 pm)                              TBA

              September 8, October 19 and November 10


December Meeting and Graduation                Hilary J. Boone Center  

              Meeting                                                         1:00-3:00

              Group Presentations                                     3:00-4:00

              Presentation of Certificates                         4:00-4:30

              Reception                                                      4:30-6:00


Group Projects 

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